About Lepakshi

About Lepakshi, This is situated 14kms to the east of Hindupur, Ananthapur District of Andhrapradesh. Lepakshi is a small village. Lepakshi temple can be reached by bus from Hindupur. About Lepakshi temple, is famous for its temples of  Lord Shiva, Vishnu and Veerabhadra. This famous veerabhadra temple is built by Brother's the veeranna and virupanna during the reign of Achyutha Devaraya period who ruled the vijayanagara empire from 1530 A.D to 1542 A.D. Lepakshi nandi history, it's a huge Nandhi bull is made out of a single granite is one of the great attraction in Lepakshi temple, Hindupur. Which is said to be the biggest monolithic Nandi in india. Lepakshi Nandi history is very famous. Lepakshi hanging pillar is another famous attraction in this temple.

About Lepakshi, During the 16th century Lepakshi was the great center of trade and pilgrimage with fine architecture and sharp paintings. Legend dates the Lepakshi town back to the days of the Ramayana. It is said that Lord Rama found the mythical bird Jatayu lying wounded here, its wings were cut off by Ravana when he abducted Sita. According to locals, after Ravana had cut the wing of the bird, Lord Rama said "Le Pakshi"(rise bird) in Telugu word and the bird rose. Hence, this sacred place was named as Lepakshi from that time, this is a great story about Lepakshi temple history. In Lepakshi

About Lepakshi, it is an grate testimony for Vishwakarma Brahmins who sculpted Lepakshi temples. There are many shilpa shasana's that the famous sculptors like Dakoju, Maroju. About Lepakshi this temple is such a mesmeric quality, that one is left wondering at the ming boggling talent of the sculptors. About Lepakshi, In the month of February 10 days of long celebration are conducted that is 'Car Festival' in Lepakshi temple. During the Car Festival, Lepakshi temple is packed with pilgrims from all over the country. In Lepakshi hanging pillar is great attraction.

Lepakshi Hanging Piller
Lepakshi hanging pillar is one of the 70 pillars which is hanging well almost on its edge . Lepakshi hanging pillar has a story behind it, "A British engineer who wanted to know how the temple was supported by the pillars, they tried to displace one of it, and it caused the movement of as many as 10 pillars around to maintain the balance. The temple and the pillars in the temple was designed to withstand even earthquakes". This is well known history about Lepakshi hanging pillar.
There is another story about the Lepakshi hanging pillar is that originally the pillars was hanging, but the Britishers thought it may fall-down and tried to pull it down. But they could succeed only partially on one side, which caused the roof to bend to that side.